GEARBLAST:UK 2018 Tickets

24/25/26 August 2018

Change of venue

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we've had to change the venue this year. The event will not be held at Underworld - instead GBUK 18 will be held at The Facility Studios, Walsall.
We're excited about our new venue, and believe it improves on underworld in a number of areas - more play areas, better parking and more. We think you'll love it!

Existing ticket holders should have received an email with further details. You can learn more by logging in to your ticket page with your ticket number and pin.

Directions to the new venue can be seen here, and a gallery showing some (but not all) of the play spaces is available here.

We're full!

If there are any cancellations, tickets will be made available again here - check back regularly!

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