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    GearBlast has always been a welcoming, inclusive event - and this year we're shouting about it!
    It is GearBlast's mission to provide a safe environment for all people who share an interest in gear to meet, socialize, and learn from each other.

    GearBlast is all about celebrating and appreciating the diversity and uniqueness that each of us brings to this community, and we recognise that those who share a common interest in gear are not all the same (nor would we want them to be!).

    Everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, age, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability, body type, or economic status will always be welcome at GearBlast.

    This year the theme is #gearsexual - celebrating the diversity of our community and recognising that being into gear is all about you, and isn't owned by a particular group or identity.

    First time at GearBlast:UK?

    GearBlast events are great for anyone who hasn't attended a fetish event before. It's primarily a social event and wearing gear is welcomed, everyone is friendly and if you want any advice the staff (identified by yellow lanyards) are always willing to assist.
    The atmosphere is like family so you don't have to feel like an outsider when you're with us!

    What happens at GearBlast:UK?

    All GearBlast events are about enabling people to be their authentic selves.

    GearBlast:UK can provide a safe space for you to wear your gear amongst like minded individuals. It's a relaxed social event with communal eating times, markets to buy and sell gear, games and workshops, all while we try to look after each other and make sure no one feels left out.

    This is the environment we encourage at our GearBlast event.

    Friendships and Relationships grow when barriers are broken down. We also have some play spaces to take things to the next level where you can enjoy discovering more about your gearsexuality.

    And when the weekend is over, you can continue to be part of the online community through social media.

    Where and When?

    The Facility Studios Walsall - we'll provide you with the exact address on your ticket page once approved and paid for.

    Friday 18th August 2023

    We open on Friday 18th August for a social evening.
    Gear is a good idea but not compulsory. We will be providing food at our barbecue from 18:00. Playrooms will be open for a variety of fun, to be confirmed closer to the time.

    Saturday 19th

    We will open for the evening at starting with another barbecue at 18:00, a quick housekeeping speech followed by some prize giving. Playrooms will then be open for all to enjoy until the early hours.

    Sunday 20th

    Sunday Brunch is available for an additional fee (see below) - spend some time chilling out and chatting with your fellow gearheads.
    In the evening, we are hosting an optional eat-in where you have the option to buy your own food from a local take-away and eat it at the venue on the Sunday.
    Once food is complete we will host a quick thank you speech and open the Playrooms for the final time. Playrooms will remain open until the early hours of Monday morning.


    We've yet to confirm which day the rideout will be on this yeat, but we can confirm that it will be to Matlock. Be sure to add the 'rideout' opt-in to your ticket so we know you're interested!

    More details on this will be available closer to the event - keep an eye on the Telegram channels to hear about it first.


    There are 2 hotels in the vicinity:
    Travelodge - 5 minutes walk to the venue. Link
    Premier Inn - 12 minutes walk from the venue.Link

    Transport Links

    Rail - Walsall, Station St, Walsall WS2 9JZ. The station is a 7 minute walk to the Travelodge, a 4 minute walk to the Premier Inn, and a 12 minute walk to the main venue.
    Coach - St Paul's bus station is 5, 4 and 11 minutes walk respectively
    Car - from M6 junction 10, A454 to Walsall town centre. Left onto green lane, long acre street is on the right. Parking in street at the Crown inn or Rock Steady Eddies.


    Parking at the venue is not available without organising with us in advance, so we recommend leaving vehicles at your respective hotel and walking the short distance. There is also public parking nearby.
    There is space for a limited number of bikes, and if you have a blue badge we are happy to make arrangements for you to park on site. In either case please contact us at gearblast@gmail.com to arrange
    Please do not just turn up with a vehicle - you will not be permitted to park on site without a prior arrangement.

    Dress Code

    We operate a strict dress code on Saturday and Sunday evening - this should come naturally to most, but full coverage is the idea! You can complete your outfit however you like, however we encourage creativity and uniqueness.
    Some ideas for materials or themes include; Rubber, lycra, leather, PVC, uniforms, sports gear, costumes/cosplay, fursuits, mx, cycling, etc

    Code of Conduct

    Full house rules are available upon request

    No illegal activities, no drugs and no smoking within 50ft of either entrances.
    All play must be safe, sane and consensual.
    Play spaces are provided for general use from opening times to 2am on Saturday and Sunday only.
    You agree to clean up the equipment after you have used it and leave it ready for other guests.
    Treat each other with respect and stay out of other people's play unless invited to do so
    Please do not hog the equipment as others may be waiting - try to limit use to an hour max.
    Water is provided in every play space. No other drinks to be brought into the play areas and all litter to be put into the bins provided.
    Do not leave someone tied up unattended, even for a minute.


    The main venue is spread out over two three storey buildings with staircases and no provision for lifts unfortunately.
    Where possible features are duplicated on the ground floor. Staff are happy to help accomodate any specific access requirements you may have - get in touch with us and we'll be happy to assist.

    Food, Drink and Alcohol

    Please note there is no licenced bar at the venue!
    We are providing two barbecue meals on the Friday and Saturday evenings, with an included soft drink or water.
    For Sunday this year we have an optional eat-in where you may bring your own food from a local takeaway and eat it at the venue.
    Water is provided by GearBlast:UK but all other drinks must be brought in as we have no alcohol license. Alcohol is permitted in the social areas only.
    We insist everyone who is playing is held to the intoxication standards for driving a car (ie not over the limit). Play and excessive alcohol do not go together!


    We're always appreciative of any help you can provide with regards setup and tear down of the venue, Dungeon Monitoring, helping out with guests new to the event, or just feeling nervous. Let us know when you can help out by adding the appropriate add-on to your ticket.
    We have some very special rewards for those who spend the time to help out and this time it's a reward that money can't buy!

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