GearBlast:UK COVID-19 Event update

Dear GearHeads,

The GBUK team have been discussing various restrictions that may still apply to our guests and how this affects the running of the event.

GearBlast:UK will be going ahead for 2021

We need to adhere to government guidelines as they change and stay within the venue's additional rules to keep everyone safe in these unique and changing times, this may include limiting the number of tickets which means we cannot get the same value for money we've enjoyed previously. This also means we have had nook choice but to increase ticket prices slightly.

Many may also feel that attending an event such as GearBlast:UK may be too soon and do not want to risk it.

We fully respect these decisions and we have observed a high degree of hygiene at the facility, so want to reassure anyone on the fence that we will have your health and safety at the forefront of our minds as the event progresses.

We also understand that many of you will be experiencing challenges on the financial, social and familial fronts.

As a result we are expecting a smaller turnout than normal and are asking you to help us continue. This is so we can cover our overheads and ensure the future of this annual event.

We humbly ask for donations to assist with our ongoing financial commitments for storage unit charges, website hosting fees and other fixed costs.

Anything you can afford would be appreciated and will only go towards helping us run the event - any surplus will of course be reinvested directly into future events.

Any donations will be noted and, as thanks we will be offering those who donate early bird access for tickets next year and potentially a discount, budget allowing.

GearBlast:UK Team

How you can help

We really appreciate any help you can offer us to help cover the fixed costs we incur each year over and above the direct costs related to the weekend itself. This includes things such as equipment storage, web hosting, insurance, and other items.

Any donations you kindly offer us here will go directly into covering these costs, and any surplus will be directly reinvested in the event this year.

Although GearBlast:UK 2021 is still going ahead, we expect it to be on a slightly smaller scale than previous years. Our fixed costs, however, have not decreased.

If you cannot attend this year, but would kindly like to support us, any donation you can make will be greatly appreciated.

If you would like to donate, you can use the button below.


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