COVID-19 Policy

Last Updated: 5 November 2022

Your safety whilst attending GearBlast:UK is our highest priority - we want to do the right thing and minimise the risks associated with COVID-19 transmission. We want you to make an informed choice about whether to attend, and to make sure you are aware of the policies and procedures we've put in place this year for the protection of our guests and staff.

Striking the right balance between caution and relaxation is difficult, and will primarily be based on the government advice in the UK at the time of the event. As such the policies and procedures outlined here may change at any time. These policies and procedures are based on UK government guidelines with additional event-specific steps as deemed reasonable and nescessary by the GearBlast:UK team.

All ticket holders will informed of the final set of policies and procedures prior to the event via email and through the official telegram channels.

By choosing to attend GearBlast:UK you agree to comply with our reasonable procedures such as (but not limited to) those outlined in this document and our Terms and Conditions.

There are currently no legal restrictions related to COVID-19 in the UK. As such, GearBlast:UK does not have any specific procedures in place to manage COVID-19 this year.

If prior or during the event UK Governemnt guidance or legal requirements change, GearBlast:UK will follow all required guidance and legal requirements. If such requirements mean the event is not longer viable (in the sole opinion of the event organisers), the event may be cancelled. In this instance, full or partial refunds may be offered on a best-effort basis, taking into account costs already incurred prior to the event taking place.

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